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What is Brain Low-Code Technology ?

Brain Low-Code is a software development platform that requires little to no coding to build applications and processes. Instead of complex coding languages, the Brain Low-Code development platform employs visual interfaces with simple logic and drag-and drop capabilities. The tool enables users with no formal knowledge of coding or software development to create apps for a variety of purposes, such as mobile apps and business apps.

A low-code platform can be used by both professional developers and “citizen developers” (non professional developers) to create apps of varying complexity in order to meet business development demands, automate processes, and accelerate digital transformation.

Brain Low-Code

Platform Features


Brain Web IDE

Brain Low-Code platform has been implemented as WEB Ide. No need to setup clients to start development. Just login to brainlowcode.io and start developing.


Code Collaboration

You can see who is currently working on the project and also see the screen they are working on, reducing any conflict and tension within the work space.


Strong VCS

Brain Low-Code has its own VCS (Version Control System). This VCS is metadata based. This way, all the different versions of the code can be managed easily.


Integrated Report Tool

You can visualise your business data by using the Brain Low-Code integrated reporting tool. It has no server-side dependencies and is easy to prepare the pivot table by the reporting tool


Workflow Engine

Brain Low-Code has its own Workflow Engine. You can easily manage all application life-cycles; Analyse, Develop, Deploy and Operate.


Brain Develops itself

Brain Low-Code has been developed by using its own technology. Conveying the unique approach of the Low Code platform

Benefits to Use Brain Low-Code Platform


Businesses do not have to spend as much money as they do on traditional developers in comparison to low coders. This is because of the simplicity of low code and the way low code platforms eliminates the cost involved in creating frameworks and databases by enabling to build necessary applications with minimal technical debt. As a result, it spends less money.


A rich ecosystem of visual creators, ready-to-use code snippets, and form and report templates help businesses quickly roll out new applications.


Brain Low-Code includes significant security functions such as admin tools, access control and vulnerability analysis. This makes it simple to configure and monitor the system’s security.


According to traditional systems, Brain Low-Code is 10x faster in development. Brain Low-Code platform allows users to reuse pre-built or newly-developed modules, plug-ins, and entire applications to develop necessary apps more quickly.

Clients working with Brain Low-Code


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